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Our Cookie Policy

Lots of top websites, including Casino Gambling Slots, help to make your online visit as enjoyable as possible by using Cookies. These are tiny files that are downloaded onto your computer, and their job is to collect information as you browse. Site developers use this information to improve the way their sites run and in some instances the Cookies used are kept on your computer for use in the future.

Cookies provided by third parties are often used by websites to help them improve their understanding of the users visiting their site. Google Analytics is one example – this is a Cookie that logs which web pages are visited by people, and the length of time they spend on each page. Being able to identify which information on their website is most popular helps site owners to create content that best meets the needs of their visitors. There are many variations of third party Cookies, but Google Analytics is popular because of its proven reliability.

Use of Cookies

Websites often spend a lot on advertising, and Cookies can help site owners keep track of which marketing methods are most effective at driving traffic to their pages. An online casino may select various third party sites on which to advertise, and Cookies help them understand which ones are most successful at drawing customers to their casino. Bonuses and credits may then be accorded to the most successful third party site in a special deal between the two.

One further advantage of Cookies is their ability to help websites remember which customers have subscribed to newsletters and updates. You may see this in the form of boxes that you tick or leave unticked depending on your personal preferences.

Cookies facilitate the workings of many features on websites, and if you elect not to accept Cookies when you visit a site some of these functions may be unavailable to you. Websites using Cookies generally inform visitors when Cookies are being used, asking their permission to proceed. Other sites may specifically ask visitors to accept or disable Cookies when they are first visited. Non-acceptance or the disabling of Cookies can affect the normal running of a website.

How to Disable Cookies

Adjusting your browser settings is an easy and effective way to manage or disable Cookies. This is not generally advised however, as access to key pages, and the workings of important features may be adversely impacted if Cookies are not accepted.

Website visitors often feel concerned about the use of Cookies, disliking the idea of their browsing habits being followed. They may also fear that personal data is going to be passed on to other organisations and companies. In fact, Cookies are no more than very small files whose simple purpose it to assist in the customization of websites. Being greeted by name on a site you have never been to before feels good, and is usually the simple, unobtrusive work of Cookies, nothing more. Similarly, if you visit a new online casino and find your favorite games at the top of the list, this is again the work of Cookies.